… me.

 Im a bloke of ‘88 born and raised in Norway.I spend my time at work doin’ computerstuff.
 What I want to do is to get a move on my registered Grapihical design agency, stop working with this computerpoop and spend my time at my own office doin’ what I like the most – design for paper and print.

I have made a move out’of my parents’ house and got my own flat.
 I also hope to bring my bitch with me some day and live happily ever after.

On my spare time I write a blog, this blog, currently in norwegian – but I’m thinking of converting to english for readability and to better promote myself and how I do my work.
 This is a personal blog where I post my own oppinions and meanings, plus I’m gonna make a portfolio out of it.
 Why should a Graphical design house be all serious when I can show that a person you see as normal can do just as good of a job.


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